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Learning Through Coloring

Most children intuitively enjoy playing with just a sheet of paper and some crayons, pencils, watercolors, or color markers. That’s how they pass time, entertain themselves on their own, self-express, and share their inner world.

Just like painting, coloring is a relaxing activity of self-expression that not only nourishes creativity but also nurtures well-being. From psychological point of view, the benefits of coloring are quite impressive for the development of children from different age groups. In fact, coloring is quoted alongside meditation and yoga as a peaceful way of improving mental and physical wellbeing.

Learning through coloring is a very efficient method because in that state the brain is relaxed, focused, and in the creative zone. Each coloring page in Healthy Earth focuses on creatively repeating in a playful way the key educational piece of information, while also giving space for the mind to wander, play with it, explore it, make a connection, and potentially remember it.

For us the most important benefit of coloring is that it relaxes and releases emotions

Coloring is a repetitive and creative activity that can have a profoundly therapeutic and calming effect on children as they direct their attention on finishing their picture. Coloring is less overwhelming for them compared to painting, as they can easily get satisfaction from their coloring achievement. This peaceful activity can provide safe space for calming down and getting quietly engaged on their own.

Helps to build concentration and focus

Coloring between the lines makes children concentrate more than when they free draw. What’s more, coloring specific objects require more precise application.

Promotes creativity and self-expression

Coloring fosters kids’ individuality and self-expression through color selection and medium. It's always curious to observe how they hold their tools, how much pressure they apply on the paper, the color choices they make, and whether they color loosely or tightly. Everyone is unique and so is each masterpiece.

Enhances fine motor development

Coloring is an activity that helps kids build and strengthen the muscles in their hand, fingers, and wrist, and that’s important for handling small objects.

Improves hand-eye co-ordination

Coloring in requires attention to detail and precision to keep within the lines which gives children an opportunity to develop co-ordination.

Teaches color and shape recognition

Filling in different printed objects with color stimulates children to recognize hue, perspective, shape, and form as well as encourages them to explore different color combinations. We know that choosing colors can be sometimes overwhelming for kids, hence we added a little bit of color directions in some little details.

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