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Let’s Reimagine Birthday Parties: Parents’ Guide to Waste-Less Celebration

As Conscious Creators of Healthy Earth, our mission is to help families live more sustainably and in harmony with the environment. To achieve this balance, we believe it’s helpful to learn how to generate less waste. That’s why we are paying special attention to probably the most wasteful moments in every household – parties and celebratory meals with guests.


definitely don’t want to be party killers, we know parties are a ton of fun and make great memories, and we love throwing them too. That being said, it’s important to reimagine the way they are celebrated, because traditionally they are quite the opposite of eco-friendly living.

Single-use plates, cups, paper napkins, uneaten food, gift wrap, present boxes, disposable decorations – these are just some of the vast quantities of waste, generated during a birthday party.

And it doesn’t have to be that way. Throwing a low-waste birthday party is absolutely possible, nor does it require a lot more work. The good news is that it’s easier than ever to come up with eco-alternatives for each organisational step of your family event.

Having a fun celebration without eco-guilt is possible!

Here we are sharing some basic ideas on how to cut down on unnecessary waste, but there are so many other options and practical Earth-loving switches. Please, share with us your own discoveries and hacks. But before we continue, we feel it’s important to ground ourselves by remembering that kids just want to play and have fun.

No matter what is the occasion, there are several key rules for a green-minded party that can be of help to your family too.

  • Send digital invites or invitations printed on plantable/compostable/recycled paper;

  • Invest in reusable and sturdy enamel plates that you can reuse every year;

  • Tap into your imagination and reimagine creative alternatives that can replace the disposable decorations with something more sustainable – flowers, candles, handmade garlands;

  • Share a gift-list in advance to avoid receiving unnecessary stuff that you don’t know what to do with or where to store in your house;

  • Ban the straws and the balloons;

  • Create your own from old t-shirts or get durable cloth napkins. Preferably not white, you are welcome;

  • Choose dried flowers confetti because it is compostable;

  • Create or buy felt hats instead of paper and plastic ones;

  • Use beeswax candles;

  • Give eco-friendly party flavors;

  • Invite your kids and guests to help up with the after-party cleaning.

Last but not least, those waste-conscious birthday events will generate conversation among the other parents.

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