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Healthy Earth is empowering every child with a toolbox that will unleash the environmental hero within.


ENVIRONMENTAL EDUCATIONAL AND COLORING WORKBOOK: Explore more than 60 sustainability ideas on how to become an environmental hero.


HEALTHY EARTH: 60 PAGES TO READ AND COLOR. The workbook is packed with positive learnings about the environment.


KIDS, FAMILIES, TEACHERS CAN LEARN TOGETHER ABOUT SUSTAINABILITY through reading and coloring. Healthy Earth is a positive and creative space for nourishing the growth of future environmental heroes.


COMBINING ART AND PLAY, the aim of the workbook is to empower children with practical knowledge about sustainability without causing eco-anxiety.


COLORING IS A POWERFUL LEARNING APPROACH that keeps the child’s focus and engagement.


LEARNING IS FUN when it is done through positive ideas, catchy rhymes, and custom illustrations.


TAILOR-MADE ILLUSTRATIONS AND PRACTICAL IDEAS: The content of this coloring workbook is focused on creating Earth-friendly habits and remembering them through coloring and play.


DON’T GET SAD, GET ACTIVE. As environmental anxiety amongst children is already a fact, Healthy Earth stays away from the scary narratives about the end of the world. There are many ways we can channel our eco-anxiety, sadness and fear into meaningful action.


GUIDING KIDS, FAMILIES, FRIENDS, SCHOOL COMMUNITIES in their sustainability journey. Teaching how to live in harmony with nature, how to compost, how to lower waste and carbon emissions, how to recycle, how to make eco-friendlier choices everyday! We can all change a habit for the planet. 


GENUINE, EASY, PRACTICAL SUGGESTIONS that show how we can all have more positive impact on the environment.



Healthy Earth: Environmental Educational Coloring WorkBook About Sustainability

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